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Sensor Clip

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Sensor Clip

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We have been working on a neat clip to make Veriflite even more portable. Now you can attach or remove your sensors in seconds.
Ideal for taking to training camps, competition podium training, or if you're not wanting to leave your sensors permanently attached to the trampoline bed.
We would like to make these clips available to any of our Veriflite users who may find them useful for their training.
These are pre-production 3D printed parts and we are not yet sure of their life expectancy - hence we have decided to give them away at no charge. We only ask you to cover the postage costs, and we are more than happy to combine orders for multiple clubs.
This just includes two clips to attach to your existing Veriflite top-plate and sensor.
Please note - this design will only fit on webbed beds. We plan to make a design for string beds too if there is enough interest in the idea.

See the installation instructions for more info.


  • High Accuracy

    Accelerometer and gyroscope sensors continually monitor movement 6,600 times every second. The system has been calibrated against high-speed camera footage of thousands of bounces, and benchmarked to align with current FIG-certified equipment

  • iOS and Android

    A smartphone or tablet is required to install our free App. The minimum supported operating systems are Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) and Apple iOS 9.0

  • Battery Life

    Each Veriflite is powered by a single AAA battery, lasting over 100,000 bounces (2 months of typical usage). Veriflite is configured to automatically shut down or sleep after 20 minutes of inactivity

  • Tough

    Veriflite attaches through the trampoline bed using 4 supplied screws and a mounting top plate. The top plate measures just 54 x 38 x 4mm (2⅛" x 1½" x 5/32"). It is designed to withstand heavy use, including landing directly on the sensor

    *Veriflite DMT attaches to the landing mat using a replaceable 3M adhesive pad