JUST $499




Veriflite ToF & Synchro

Veriflite is a revolutionary tool that has transformed the game for coaches, athletes, and judges. This innovative Time of Flight measurement system provides precise flight data for individual and synchronized routines at the touch of a button. With simple-to-attach sensors and an easy-to-use app, Veriflite makes progress tracking and measurement more accessible, convenient, and user-friendly than ever before.

And Veriflite has now made world-class ToF technology accessible to all with its affordable price of US$499.

Veriflite GOLD

Designed for coaches, athletes, judges, and anyone who wants to track and measure their trampoline performance.

And the best part? We've recently made Veriflite GOLD completely free for all users! No more subscriptions - everyone now has unrestricted access to all of the latest and greatest features!

Veriflite DMT

The world's first Double Mini Trampoline Time of Flight system! Attach one sensor to the DMT bed and one to the landing mat. Download the exclusive Veriflite DMT app for precise flight data direct to your phone and tablet

Intelligent Sensors

Accelerometer and gyroscope sensors continually monitor movement 6,600 times every second

ToF & Synchro

Sold in pairs, just one sensor per trampoline is required to measure Time of Flight. Sensors seamlessly pair for Synchronised Trampoline

Bluetooth Wireless

No cables, no plugs, just reliable wireless data. Each Veriflite is powered by a single AAA battery, lasting over 100,000 bounces

iOS and Android App

A phone or tablet is required to install our free app. Measure performance, then unlock Veriflite GOLD to reach your ultimate training goals

Easy to Install

Connecting directly to the trampoline bed, Veriflite includes everything you need to install and be up and running in minutes

Portable & Small

Smaller than a credit card (and just 1" deep), Veriflite sensor pairs can be transported conveniently and easily

The Veriflite ToF system is hands down the most effective and user friendly training tool available. It’s easy to install, incredibly accurate and instantly shows results on my iPhone. I’m not sure how our club went without it for so long

Veriflite with its simplicity of installation and use during trainings and competitions it’s another giant leap for the evolution of Trampoline Gymnastics