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How does it work?

Veriflite attaches a combination of Accelerometers and Gyroscopes directly to the trampoline bed. These sensors read the movement of the trampoline at over 6,600 times every second to determine precisely when the athlete has landed and departed from the bed.

The bounce events are transmitted over Bluetooth to any Android or iOS device running the Veriflite app to calculate the athlete’s time of flight.

For synchro, the sensors pair with each other to align their clocks. The receiving device is then able to easily calculate the time difference between landings to score synchronisation.

Can Veriflite be used in competitions?

Do I need to turn Veriflite off?

Can I change the sensor name?

Can I use multiple sets of Veriflite in the same gymnasium?

How do I configure my Veriflite sensor?

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