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Reach your training goals with Veriflite GOLD

Veriflite Gold is now free for all users! We've decided to throw away the shackles of the Veriflite Gold subscription and give every one of our users access to all the benefits that Veriflite has to offer, absolutely free of charge!

Now you can access routine history, tag routines, graph and compare routines, and much more, including some exciting developments in our experimental Labs area.

A big thank you to all of our subscribers. We appreciate your support and loyalty. If you've subscribed, you're free to end your subscription at any time. You'll still retain all your routine history and access to the Veriflite Gold features.


Visualise performance history with our simple to use graphing tools


Label stored routines with multiple custom tags


Access all of your past routine data and filter by tags to easily compare and review


Track and analyse improvements against past performances


Easily export routine data in .CSV format for further in-depth analysis


With your help, we are constantly improving GOLD to bring you new subscription features

Capture your Training

Veriflite GOLD stores all of your routine history. No more notebooks!

Label each routine with multiple custom tags, such as who was bouncing and what exercise was performed

Use the Filter option to review specific routines

View your Performance

Essential for coaching and training, Veriflite GOLD’s graphing tools chart your own or your athletes’ captured performance history

View individual and synchronised routines to analyse where improvements can be made

View multiple routines at once to overlay performance data: compare the same routine performed many times, or find out how you perform against others

Shared Experiences

Export your routine data in spreadsheet format (.CSV) to share, study and analyse. Complete access to all your data, satisfying even the most inquisitive minds