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The sensor clip is a quick and convenient way to attach Veriflite to a trampoline - with this clip we are able to fit and remove the sensor from a trampoline within seconds. This is intended for temporary use, perhaps for a few hours of training at a time, and not as a permanent way to fit sensors to the trampoline.

We attach the Veriflite sensor to the clip in much the same way as to a trampoline bed. To begin you need the following parts (plus the battery and screwdriver which I forgot to photograph!)

Place the clips over the top-plate so that the pegs fit through the holes

Place the sensor on top of the top-plate. Make certain that the button is positioned towards the closed end of the clip

Tighten the 4 screws to hold the sensor in place

Insert the AAA battery taking note of the +/- markings on the plastics

Fit the battery cover on the sensor and fix in place with the thumb screws

Slide the clip on the edge of the bed, it should be placed in line with the centre of the trampoline