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Using Veriflite in Competition

Using Veriflite in Competition



Attach the sensors on the edge of the trampoline closest to the judges (especially for the far trampoline). This will shorten the distance for the Bluetooth signal to travel. Follow the install instructions here: www.veriflite.com/pages/install

Configure the sensors to have unique names so they are easily identified – eg “Panel 1 Near”, “Panel 2 Far”, etc. If multiple pairs of Veriflite sensors are being used then each pair will need a unique “Synchro Pair ID” number. This is done through the Sensor Configuration ‘gear’ button on the home screen.

A battery lasts for around 100,000 bounces, or 4000 routines, or approximately 100 hours of continuous use. A new set of batteries should be more than capable of lasting the entire competition.



The user-guide covers most of the features within the app: www.veriflite.com/blogs/blog/userguide

Try to use the newest, most powerful phone or tablet possible. Older devices can have poor Bluetooth performance, especially in a competition environment (where there is a lot of other Bluetooth activity).

The Veriflite app will receive the data easier the closer it is to the sensors. If the arena is very busy and you find the data is arriving in bursts or getting lost then it may be necessary to stand beside the trampoline.

There is no problem having multiple devices receiving the ToF data simultaneously - the phones will not interfear with each other. It may be useful to have someone back-up timing in case of a missed routine, or have one device per trampoline to save having to switch between them for each routine.

The sensor auto-selection can be a bit slow sometimes. It is safest to be manually switching between trampolines, especially for younger athletes which sometimes start their routines after just one or two bounces!

The start button needs to be released before the completion of the first skill. You may prefer to hold the START button down during the preliminary bounces and release during the first skill – this saves having to take your eye off the athlete to press the button.

Some prefer to press START during the preliminary bounces to make sure the correct trampoline is selected and the data is coming through - and then press RESTART during the first skill.

A red ring around a trampoline in Synchro mode indicates it has not yet paired with the other sensor. The sensors will pair automatically when there is nobody on the trampoline. To speed up the pairing, pressing the sensor button will force an immediate scan for the other sensor.


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