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What is Plan B?

Veriflite Gold users may have noticed a new mode, 'Plan B'. While a little confusing at first, this could be a competition saviour. Plan B is intended as a backup tool for capturing the ToF score in case a routine is misjudged. This saves having to count frames from video footage and will ensure a fair score is given to all athletes.

One of the advantages of Veriflite is being able to receive the flight data simultaneously across many devices, allowing us to not depend on a single point for capturing all the data. Hence Plan B, as the secondary tool to the main Veriflite app being used on the judges panel.

We place a device running the Veriflite app in front of a video camera with the trampoline visible in the background, to capture a recording showing something like this:

This mode runs continuously, displaying the past 10 bounces. The bounces are listed in reverse order (compared to the rest of the app), so the most recent is at the top and oldest at the bottom. When a new bounce arrives all the previous bounces will shift down one row. We leave this running throughout the competition, recording each routine along with the Veriflite data. If there are multiple trampolines being used we should enable "Autoselect active trampoline" and potentially "Only paired sensors" if there are multiple panels.

The Score column is the total ToF for the previous number of bounces corresponding to the row number (much like the existing app, except now the bounces are listed backwards). This column would be recalculated for every new bounce that arrives.

If a routine is missed, we review the video footage to capture the lost score. Pause the video after the last valid bounce's data is received, then read the athlete's ToF score from the row number corresponding to the number of completed skills.

After a routine you may see something like the following. If this was shown during the out-bounce of a complete routine, then the total ToF would be 14.730. However, if we had paused the video during the 7th skill (presuming the athlete crashed skill #7), then the ToF for the 6 completed skills would be 8.809.


Please let us know how it works out if you do try Plan B at your competitions!


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